Use more marketing morsels in 2014On Wednesday, I’m hosting a free webinar on 7 Changes to Make in 2014. You can register below or here if you don’t see the form.

One of the seven changes is to Create More Marketing Morsels.

The majority of people who see your communications will pay attention to only the tastiest little bits of it. The tastier the little morsels, the better, because then they will continue to read or to click for more.

Morsels come in all shapes and sizes. When it’s text like subject lines and headlines, the marketing jargon is microcontent. But morsels are also every social media update because of the small spaces you are working in and the fast pace at which those news feeds are reviewed by others.

Morsels are also visuals like photos, short videos (think snippet sized, like Vine on Twitter or Instagram videos), animated GIFs, and infographics.

Morsels are also what we see on mobile devices, simply because of the smaller screens.

What do you need to do to create more morsels in 2014?

  • Get good – really good – at headline and subject line writing.
  • Learn how to make graphics fast (e.g. overlay text on a photo and post it in under 20 minutes, tops).
  • Get comfortable with your phone camera and editing/filters.
  •  As you write longer articles or stories, think about how you will break that longer content into morsels.

I’ll share more advice on creating morsels, along with the other six changes to make, during the webinar on Wednesday.


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Chocolate Chip Morsel by BigStock