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Another Friday afternoon, another round of Mixed Links! New to mixed links? Well, it’s only the most helpful articles, posts, and tips for nonprofit marketers from the last week or so. For example, this week we have a ChatGPT cheat sheet, why “get the money at all costs” is not a great mantra, combining copy and design to get results, tools to prioritize your work and more.

It’s time for Mixed Links…

Hootsuite has opened their Social Trends 2024 Survey. Your input will help shape our Social Media Trends 2024 report which we refer to a lot in our training.

Robert Rose from Content Marketing Institute encourages us to Revolutionize Content Creation by Overcoming These Antiquated Beliefs.

Want to get in on YouTube Shorts? Learn How to Quickly Create Quality YouTube Shorts.

Make the best of AI with this ChatGPT Cheat Sheet [Infographic].

Be aware of The Negative Impact of Performance Measurement at your nonprofit.

Instagram Announces That Its Testing Audio Clips for Notes in the App

Find out How to Combine Copy and Design for Optimal Results.

Vu Le says we need to restore romance in nonprofit and philanthropy! (No, not that kind of romance).

And finally, Lifehack shares the 7 Best Tools for Prioritizing Work.

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