mixed links 9612782882_b491c524dd_zAs you probably know, Kivi and I are at the awesomest nonprofit conference of them all this week – NTEN’s Nonprofit Technology Conference in Austin, Texas.

So grab your cowboy boots or your hipster glasses – it’s time for some Mixed Links NTC-style!

Despite talk of a cloning booth available, I was unable to be at more than one session at a time. Thank God for collaboration notes! The links below will lead you to the description for the session. Scroll down and look for the really small type to find the link to the collaboration notes. It’s not the same as being there, but you’ll get lots of great help!

If you are interested in how you can leverage visual media platforms like Instagram, Pinterest, or Vine, check out Visual Media for a Social World.

Find real world examples and advice to create Online Communities That Inspire Action and Generate Results.

Not quite sure what it really means when someone “likes” you on social? See Discovering if Like Equals Love: Understanding and Testing Online Engagement.

Learn how to find and cultivate your org’s stories in Multichannel Storytelling for Social Impact.

We’ve talked before about how you should appeal to your donors’ inner angels, not their inner bookkeepers. For more on the “emotional” brain of donors, check out Email EQ for Fundraising and Engagement: Tips to Tap the Emotional Brain.

Content marketers should really know – Does Your Content Strategy Now Trump SEO? Trends and Tips to Help You Get Found in 2015.

Can’t quite make fundraising on social networks work yet? See Fundraising with Facebook and Twitter: Tried and True Strategies.

Marlene Oliveira shared How to Run Twitter Chats that Create and Connect Communities.

I will also be writing more next week on sessions I actually attended next week, so stay tuned…

Me when someone sees my name tag and says, “Oh, I get your emails!”

Have a great weekend!

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