bigstock--121436600-summerNeed some new ideas for your newsletter, blog, or social media? Consider one of these five summer-inspired themes:

1) Summer Heat. How does hot weather impact your services or your clients? Can you offer advice to your readers about anything related to summer heat?

  • Humane societies can offer tips for keeping pets cool.
  • Agencies that address children’s issues can remind parents not to leave their kids in cars with the windows rolled up.
  • Groups with members who work outside can provide tips on avoiding heat exhaustion while working outdoors.

2) Vacations. How can your readers integrate your issue into their summer vacation plans?

  • Health organizations can write about ways to eat healthy or exercise while traveling.
  • Education groups can provide tips on brain twister games to keep kids busy on road trips.

3) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables. How does the increase in the variety of fresh or locally grown produce available in the summer impact your readers?

  • Organizations for seniors can talk about the importance of a varied diet and provide easy recipes using fresh produce.
  • Environmental groups can discuss the impact of pesticides used in food production on the planet.

4) Summer Jobs. Whether it’s more chores at home or a part-time job, summer gives just about everyone something new to do.

  • Social service or employment groups can offer tips on how to make the most of a summer job or internship.
  • Art or community beautification groups can suggest projects for families to pursue in their own yards or in their neighborhoods.

5) Bugs! From mosquitoes to fireflies, summer is bug season. How does the increase in the insect population affect your clients or supporters?

  • Wildlife groups can remind people of the role bugs play in the circle of life.
  • Health or environmental groups can provide tips on non-toxic insect repellant.

Enjoy the sun with a cool drink in hand and cook up some summer article ideas of your own. Share them here by submitting a comment on this post.


Published On: June 6, 2016|Categories: Writing Skills and Content|