We shared the first sneak peek at the data from the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report a few weeks ago. Here are a few more nuggets to consider, this time related specifically to email marketing trends for nonprofits.

Just like our caveat last time, these stats are subject to change as we collect more data.  We will release the full report on January 18, 2023 and you’ll be able to find the Trends Report here.

Here’s what the survey says about nonprofit email marketing trends so far . . .

  1. Nonprofits still have lots of tactics to try when growing their email lists organically. Less than a third said they used website lightboxes or pop-ups and less than 15% said they used gated content that required registration. These are two proven tactics you might want to check out!
  2. Nonprofits still have room to play with email design elements. Over 80% of nonprofits have included clickable buttons in their emails and over half have included video. But only 13% have tried polls and only 6% have used countdown timers.
  3. About half of nonprofits say they never stop emailing anyone, ever, regardless of engagement rate. This is just bad, bad, bad, news. I really hope this number changes in the final report but I doubt it will.  But there is good news! That is down from the 69% who said they never stop emailing, reported in the 2020 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. That’s meaningful progress.

Agree or disagree? Add your voice here by taking the survey. We ask lots of interesting questions, not just about email marketing.

Published On: December 8, 2022|Categories: Email Marketing, Nonprofit Marketing Trends|