Laurel Dykema

Laurel Dykema

Laurel Dykema of Mission India (and guest blogger extraordinaire) is back with a new post on how to round up folks from all parts of your office to create a communications team that will help you think of new ideas, proof that email, or create a graphic. ~Kivi

Guest Post by Laurel Dykema of Mission India

Hey, nonprofit writers!

Ever wish you had a team of “writing superheroes”—people who swooped in with new ideas, encouragement, and fresh insights?

They might be closer than you think! (Maybe even sitting in the cubicle next to you—or in accounting!)

All you need to do is identify these superheroes … and then put their unique skills and talents to work on your writing to make it even better.

Are you ready to build your own team of writing superheroes?

Here are the five “superhero” types you’ll need to get started (and how to recognize them in your nonprofit workplace). This superhero team will bring your writing to the next level!

1. The Proofreader

You’ll recognize this person by his instinctive cringe when he spots a misspelled word in an email … or on a sticky note … or social media … or anywhere else! Nab the Proofreader to check over your writing to ensure it’s error-free before sending it off to donors!

2. The Brainstormer

You know this person. She’s ALWAYS got a new idea! Burned out? Stuck in a rut? Go to the Brainstormer! Her creativity will help pull you out of your rut, and you’ll leave feeling energized to try something new!

3. The Editor

The Editor has experience in the nonprofit world and is gifted with words! He’ll take your raw content and tweak it into something even better suited for a specific communication piece—maybe by rephrasing or switching around a few sentences. (He’s also skilled at slicing and dicing your written piece into micro-content that can be repurposed!)

4. The Artist

This is the person who makes your content look pretty! Depending on the size of your nonprofit, the Artist may be a graphic designer or website administrator. Or perhaps it’s simply that person who prevents you from using those fun but hideously hard-to-read fonts in written communication with donors.

5. The Socialite

The Socialite is invaluable to you. She contacts donors personally … whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone, or through email. Set up regular meetings with the Socialite to find out what’s striking a chord with your donor base. This will help you know which topics to focus on when communicating with your nonprofit’s supporters!

Do you know a Proofreader, Brainstormer, Editor, Artist, or Socialite who helped improve your writing? Share your story below! Also, please comment if you have any more “superheroes” to add to this list.

Laurel Dykema joined Mission India in 2010 and currently serves as the staff writer and social media guru. She enjoys Boggle, a well-turned phrase, and a good cup of masala tea.