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On the Calendar

3/2: Dr. Suess’s Birthday. Have a favorite Suess story that’s really a bigger life lesson related to your cause? Green Eggs and Ham, The Lorax, and Oh, The Places You’ll Go! are favorites.

3/8: Women’s Day. Highlight a program that helps women. Feature women who have been influential in supporting your cause.

3/12: Daylight Savings Time Begins. Time to spring forward! What can your supporters do with all their extra sunlight?

3/17: St. Patrick’s Day. Be creative: think luck of the Irish, green, leprechauns, beer, and shamrocks.

3/20: First Day of Spring. Use warmer weather, flowers blossoming, snow melting away, grass turning green, fresh beginnings as inspiration.

3/26: Make Up Your Own Holiday Day. If there was a holiday to honor your organization, what would it be called and how should people celebrate it?

March is also:

Red Cross Month
Music in Our Schools Month
Social Work Month
Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month
Nutrition Month
Women’s History Month

Metaphor of the Month

Spring. Think about hard ground softening, tulips poking through, animals coming out of hibernation, buds and blossoms, triumph, rebirth, renewal.

How is your work like these things?

Pop Culture, Events, and News

March 14th is Pi Day, a day to celebrate mathematics.

March Madness.The annual NCAA Basketball Tournament begins March 12th.

Nonprofit Technology Conference runs March 23rd – 25th in Washington D.C.

Major League Baseball teams are in Spring Training.

Source of the Month

Check out conference schedules for your industry. Keynote and breakout session topics can give you an idea of what people want to know more about.

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