When I look at the top ways that people are joining our email list at Nonprofit Marketing Guide over the last 90 days, the winner is a quiz on our website.

You’ll see it in a few different places . . . it’s an announcement bar at the top of our website:

You’ll also be asked to take it when you register for many of our free resources:

Some personality quizzes are fun and goofy, but others, like this one, are actually serious. This quiz puts you in one of five levels and then we recommend training for you based on that level, rather than overwhelming you with everything at once.

Even though it’s a serious purpose, it’s still just a personality quiz at its core: Answer a couple of questions and we tell you who you are.

When you set up the quiz, you can decide if you want to make opting in optional or not before showing results. We prefer to make it optional in this case, so after taking the quiz, you can skip to your answer without opting into our mailing list. But if you do opt-in, then you get access to free courses and other resources.

We use Interact (partner link) for our quizzes.

I like how easy their analytics are to use. Here’s a screenshot of quiz activity in the last week:

This tells me that the quiz was viewed 453 times, and 43 people started it. Of those, 33 people completed it and 25 opted-in to our mailing list (the leads).

Given that this is a “serious” quiz, I also care about the results! It tells me how many people are at the beginner end of the scale versus the more advanced and expert levels. That’s helpful in knowing what kind of content to create and share. If it were a “just for fun” quiz, I probably wouldn’t care.

We also connect this quiz info to our CRM, so if someone does opt-in, I can also keep track of their levels. So, for example, if we were to add a new free e-course targeted to people at Levels 4 and 5 only, I could email just those people about it.

Can something like this work for your nonprofit? Of course!

If you scroll down this page, you’ll see these live examples:

  • ASPCA: What Type of Dog Personality Are You?
  • American Red Cross: The Great Escape: Are You Prepared for a Home Fire?
  • Oxfam: The Oxfam Gender Inequality Quiz
  • Children’s Hospital Los Angeles: Which Therapy Dog Are You?

Interact does offer nonprofit discounts. After you sign up for a free trial, email help@tryinteract.com to start the process of activating the discount (you’ll need to provide proof you are a nonprofit).

If you are using quizzes to build your email list, we’d love to see your examples too!

Published On: September 25, 2019|Categories: Email List Management, Email Marketing|