As part of my preparation to teach a new webinar called How to Raise Awareness for Your Cause on a Budget, I read Jonah Berger’s  Contagious: Why Things Catch On.

It’s a great book: quick read, full of clear examples, and easy steps to follow to put the ideas to work. On the book website, you can find a free “Crafting Contagious” Workbook and Reading Guide too.

The heart of the book is the STEPPS framework:

1. Social Currency. Is what you are sharing remarkable — as in will people feel cool or smart if they talk about it?

2. Triggers. Is there a natural environment or context that will trigger people to think of your thing?

3. Emotion. When we care, we share.  Focus on feelings rather than function.

4. Public. Built to show, built to grow. Design things to advertise themselves.

5. Practical Value. News you can use. Useful things get shared.

6. Stories. How information travels in what seems like idle conversation.

If you are being asked to raise awareness, or wondering how things go viral, read this book for some great insights and advice!

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