During our webinar on How to Raise Awareness for Your Cause on a Budget, I presented a bunch of different ways to go about it. We polled participants, and here are the ten ideas, in order, that they thought could work best for them.

Maybe some of these could work for you too?

Host Educational Events. Invite people to attend an event where they can learn something really useful for their own lives, while also learning about your issues.

Host Social Events. Make the reason to get together fun and social, and then tack on some information about your cause.

Organize a Service Project. Allow groups (e.g., service clubs, employees at a company, etc.) to volunteer together in some way related to your work, perhaps on a special volunteer day.

Newsjack.  Tack your story on to an existing news story. By providing reporters with a story they can use to update breaking news on the following day, your story becomes the second paragraph of the story on the second day.

Be the Helpful Friend.  Share helpful tips in friendly way, such as how-to articles and checklists.

Distribute Brochures or Inserts. Where are people most naturally triggered to think about your issues? Put brochures, inserts, or other “leave behind” materials in those places.

Be the Trusted Expert.  Publish research, case studies, or trends data that positions you as a trusted expert on your issues.

Share Your Gratitude.  Bring attention to and share your gratitude for others who are doing good work on your issue.

Distribute Wallet Cards, Magnets, Stickers, etc. If you want people to keep a reminder handy, make it small enough to fit in a wallet or attractive enough for a refrigerator or metal door.

Empower and Connect Others.  Bring together people who have a common interest and facilitate their sharing and networking, so they know they are not alone.


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Published On: February 19, 2014|Categories: Raising Awareness|