Cassie and I are working from the porch today.

Cassie and I are working from the porch today.

So, I procrastinated on figuring out what I wanted to blog about today. Then Beth Kanter posted about methods of procrastination and how to stop.  It’s a great post – check it out.

On the “Field Guide to Procrastination,” I am definitely the List Maker, the Sidetracker, and the Snacker (well, the Another Cup of Tea Maker).

On Beth’s list of five ways to avoid this fate, I use a hybrid of pomodoro, time blocking, and 18 minutes.  I want to try the workstation popcorn, which is more or less what I am doing today, working from my porch.

Here’s my contribution to the conversation: what to do after you procrastinated and are in a hurry to create some content.

1. Riff or Respond.

That’s what I’m doing here. I found something — Beth’s post — and am riffing off of that. Works well, as long as it’s not something that requires a lot of deep thought.  Riffing is about quick reactions to something, and taking it somewhere else. If you can’t come up with your own angle, just simply respond to something else someone has written.

2. Recycle or Repurpose.

I’ve written about writing fast before. So writing about it again is easy. And that link is from almost two years ago, which in Internet time is nothing. Why didn’t I repurpose that sooner??

 3. Round Up

Go find three articles you think are remarkable or shareworthy in some way and find some common element to tie them together, and share that. In her post today, Beth did a round up of the five time management techniques. It’s fast and easy.

Phew! Blog post for today done, even with the procrastination!

What’s your favorite quick fix when you get in a self-induced bind by procrastinating? Share your ideas in the comments.