Yesterday, I offered some stats about who is using the Internet as a reality check on why you need an online marketing strategy.

Here are a few more of my favorites, this time on social media and mobile specifically.

Half of Boomers use social media, as do a 1/3 of people over 65.

According to “Cell Internet Use 2012” by Pew Internet and American Life Project, June 2012, 88% of U.S. Adults have cell phones, and 55% use it to go online. 17% are cell-mostly Internet users, which means their smart phones are the primary way they access the Internet (not their computers).

65% of U.S. adults sleep with a cell phone beside them, and a third check it before they get out of bed in the morning! Compare that to the old snail mail box in terms of accessibility and frequency!

I hope you find these stats useful. We’ve also shared stats on nonprofit email trends, online fundraising trends and social media trends.