The New InternHere’s a question I get a lot . . . what ideas do you have?

What are some good nonprofit communications projects for interns?

I like projects that are fairly well-defined and that are self-contained, meaning that they don’t necessarily require much additional work after the intern leaves. It’s OK to have them work on ongoing projects, but you have to manage those a little differently so that the work doesn’t get dropped entirely when the person moves on.

Here are a few ideas — please add yours in the comments!

  • Organize your marketing bank — getting all the files updated and organized for staff and volunteers.
  • Ensure that all of your online profiles, etc. are integrated and well-connected. Are there links in the website template to the main social media profiles, and do those profiles link back to the website, etc.? Is the email newsletter sign-up form on your website in many places (or better yet, in the template) and on your Facebook page?
  • Find really good, affordable stock photography for your nonprofit to use in its communications. Think about photos that you could rotate through as your Facebook cover photo, for example.
  • Research the 20 bloggers your organization should be following and cultivating relationships with.
  • Teach! Give your intern 10 minutes at each staff meeting to do a quick briefing on something that staff have “heard” about, but haven’t had time to really think about (like the hottest new social media platform, or a new book that everyone is reading).
  • Analyze your data. Dig into your email newsletter stats, or Facebook Insights, and look for trends that haven’t been uncovered yet.

Here’s a post I wrote a few years ago about giving social media projects to interns (advice still applies today!).

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Please share your ideas in the comments!

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