We’re in the home stretch now with our 6 Rs of Relevant Messaging series.  Today, we look at how to be revealing.

Let’s review the first 4 Rs:

  1. Rewarding. The benefits of following through on the call to action in the message are clear.
  2. Realistic. Following through on the message is doable, because any obvious barriers are addressed.
  3. Real Time. The message feels timely and works within the context of current events and other influences.
  4. Responsive. The message proves that you are listening, and taking people’s concerns and ideas into account.
  5. Revealing. New information or perspectives are shared, or you are telling a dramatic, engaging story that unfolds over time (in other words, you get us hooked).
  6. Refreshing. The message is delivered with personality — with an interesting, authentic style.

My reality TV watching consists mainly of cooking competitions like Top Chef so nothing too dramatic. But I keep up on pop culture enough to know the reunion shows for reality TV like the Real Housewives franchise are a big hit.

And it’s no wonder – you have been watching these people live their lives on camera and followed their stories. Whether you hate them or not, you are invested and want to know all you can.

Then these reunion shows let you “behind the curtain” and release unseen footage, interview participants to get their side of the story, and show montages of certain actions or characters. (And of course people also love the arguments and when anyone storms off set).

Why I don’t suggest you broadcast your internal conflicts to the world, giving your supporters an inside look or reworking data or blog posts can be a great way to keep your content relevant.

Here are some ways you can be revealing.

Ideas to Make Your Messaging REVEALING:

Share new data. Create a survey or poll, or draw other data out of your daily work.

Take us on a behind the scenes tour. People love to go places they aren’t normally allowed or to get an insider’s view. Video and tweeting are easy ways to take people behind the scenes with you.

Put the information in a different format. Infographics are popular because it’s a way to help people see and understand information. How could you switch up the way you share data or other information?

Bring a quote to a new group of readers or listeners. Sometimes information just needs to be put into a different context for people to understand its relevancy. Without taking that information completely out of context, is there a way to bring something from outside your community into it, in a way that reveals a new perspective?

Tell a story in multiple parts. Use a story arc with a beginning, middle, and end that captures your supporters’ attention and leaves them wanting to know how the story turns out. Tell it in a series of posts on your blog, for example.

Next Up: Be Refreshing

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