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Nonprofits, it’s time to see other people (besides those on Facebook).

According to the latest research from Pew Research Center, more Americans are branching out from Facebook to try second and third social networks. Instagram in particular jumped 16% percent in the 18-29 age bracket, and 9 percent overall across all adults.

  Facebook is still the most dominate network, but growth has leveled off. The network’s demographics are shifting, though, with big jumps in older adults accompanied by a decent-sized drop among 30-49 year olds. It remains the “home base” of users, the most popular social network for those who use only one.  


Facebook users also spent a lot of time on Facebook, with most checking in daily, and 87% checking in at least weekly.

  So, circling back to the “other” networks, Pew found that 52% of online adults now use two more more social media sites, a significant increase from last year, when it stood at 42% of internet users. Lots of overlaps between Instagram and Twitter users.


In terms of gender, Twitter, which was even-Steven for many years, tipped toward men. Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram continue to be dominated by women.

Be sure to dive deeper in the whole Pew Report here.

Published On: January 21, 2015|Categories: Social Media|