Watch this video to learn about the six new communications calendars I’ve created for you as part of our brand-new training, Creating a 12-Month Community Engagement and Fundraising Plan.

I talk about the first part of the training, Calendars That Connect, which we’ll present on Monday, October 20, 2014. Then download one of the sample calendars for free.  The sample calendars tell you when to send direct mail and email appeals, and direct mail and email newsletters, by quarter and month. These are base schedules that you can adjust to work for the specific timeline of your nonprofit.


(Can’t see the video? Try this.)

When you register for this webinar, you’ll get the training and the first part of our new e-book with all six schedules:

1. Direct Mail Leaning – Starter —  Download This One for Free Now (PDF)
2. Direct Mail Leaning – Striving
3. Email Leaning – Starter
4. Email Leaning – Striving
5. Integrated Campaigns – Starter
6. Integrated Campaigns – Striving

This first webinar, Calendars That Connect, is $149.
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If you want the full training, check out the second webinar, Messaging That Motivates, and our full e-clinic with personal coaching.

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