What They Want the Others to KnowAt a recent workshop with more than 200 nonprofit board and staff members, we did an exercise where board members shared what they secretly wanted staff to know on yellow notes, and staff shared what they wanted board members to know on pink notes.

Today and tomorrow, I’ll share the most popular messages with you, starting today with what board members wish they could say to staff.

Here are the top three messages I see board members saying to staff in the yellow notes:

Let us know how we can help. Ask for help!

Be clear and specific about our responsibilities, and your responsibilities.

Don’t use jargon and acronyms with us. We don’t get it.

Here’s the word cloud version (with the words “Staff” and “Board” excluded) . . .


what board wants staff to know


Published On: October 8, 2014|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|