Does this statement apply to you:

“I regularly take all of the paid time off that I am entitled to each year.”

If you said yes, then according to our 2021 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report you are in the minority as only 43% of those surveyed agreed with the statement.

Ever since we released that report we have been encouraging you to take your PTO (paid time off).

We even have a Community Challenge going on right now to encourage you to schedule your time. (You can become a member of our Community when you join our Free Membership)

As the 2022 Vacation Deprivation Report shows things may be getting a little better:

  •  Americans vowed to take two full weeks of vacation days in 2022, nearly three more days than they took in 2021.
  • 78% feel their employers are supportive of people taking vacation time.

BUT the report also found:

  • Over half of working adults in the U.S. agreed that working remotely made it more difficult to be unplugged from work when on vacation.
  • Over 33% of Americans did not use all of their vacation days, despite being one of the countries to receive the fewest number of vacation days.
  • 63% of Americans put their cell phone numbers in their out of office emails or gave the number to coworkers or clients.
  • Half still brought their work laptops and 41% frequently joined Zoom calls.

That is not a vacation! That is what they refer to as a workcation. And according to this article in Fortune, nearly one fifth of employed Americans plan to take a “workcation” (i.e. working remotely from a different location) in 2022.


So in addition to reminding you to actually taking your time off, here are some tips from Girlboss on How To Set Boundaries At Work So You Can (Actually) Enjoy Your Vacation:

  • Establish a plan of action for while you’re away
  • Get a head start on projects and future
  • Set up the auto-reply feature on your email
  • Uninstall any work apps
  • Give yourself a work cushion for when you’re back

If taking time off work is hard for you, we ask that you join us Thursday for Peaceful Time Management and Productivity for Nonprofit Communicators so we can show you better ways to think about your time and productivity as a nonprofit communicator.