I am sure you are wondering just what The Wordifier is. Oh it’s no big deal really – it just might be one of the coolest communications tools out there. That’s all.

A few months ago Erica Mills of Claxon Marketing joined us for one of our Feedback and Fine-Tuning Webinars and told me about this great tool they were working on that will let you know what words are over-played and should be avoided in your nonprofit communications.

You know those words…

Help…Community…Support…blah, blah, blah.

Those words that have been used so often they have pretty much lost all meaning. Or are so vague no one really knows what you mean.

You want to stand out in your communications, but using the same tired words as every other organization out there won’t cut it. The Wordifier lets you know how often a certain word is being used and gives you alternatives.

They released The Wordifier this week and I am excited to say, it’s even better than I imagined!

How You Can Use It

It’s pretty simple. You just enter a word into The Wordifier and it immediately lets you know whether you should stop using the word, proceed with caution or go for it.

It also tells you the definition of the word, a breakdown of nonprofits who use that word, and a list of synonyms.

Let’s take a look…

Here is what happens when you enter the word “help”



And now “engage”


And finally the word “fabulous”



So be sure to take advantage of this great tool as you create your year-end appeals and other communications.

Want to know how it works exactly? You can read all about it on their website.