In other news, water is wet.

Back in March, IZEA Worldwide, Inc released a special report that examined how people thought they would use social media over the next few months or so if they were under a lockdown order. They found:

  • 66% of social media users believe their social media usage habit will increase in the event they are confined to their home due to the Coronavirus. 
  • 64% expect their usage of YouTube to increase, only 2% expect a decrease.
  • 63% expect their usage of Facebook to increase, only 2% expect a decrease.

And that seems to be accurate as Facebook reported in Italy time on their app increased 70% during the outbreak. Twitter has seen an 8% rise between 4th quarter last year and first quarter this year. And influencer marketing agency Obviously saw a 76% increase in daily accumulated likes on #ad posts and TikTok engagement increased 27% from February to March.

While probably none of this surprises you at all, you should look at this as a great opportunity to dive into your social media strategy and experiment a little – ESPECIALLY if social media has never been your thing.

You not only have a captive audience (almost literally), but also one that may be a little more willing to forgive missteps that don’t work out (unless those missteps involve being insensitive or tone deaf – don’t be that guy).

At the top of any social media strategy should be building trust and influence.

Which means:

Be Personal and Be Practical

We share this graphic during our Social Media Strategies That Don’t Waste Your Time webinar series which began yesterday. You can still join us for Part 2 tomorrow (and get the recording for Part 1).

By the way, one of our favorite organizations right now is the National Cowboy Museum on Twitter and Instagram. These accounts have been taken over by Tim the Security Guard (with occasional appearances by Seth in Marketing) and are just fun.

What organizations do you see nailing it on social during this time? Share in the comments so we can all get some inspiration!

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