I finally got my social networking act together and invite you to follow, connect with, and be-friend me online. You’ll find links to my profiles on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook in my blog sidebar and here in this post.

Twitter lets you keep up with what I’m doing throughout the day. If you aren’t familiar with it, the two best descriptions I’ve heard are “it’s like being a fly on the wall in your friends’ lives” and “it’s like one big instant messaging party all day long.” You should also check out the Nonprofit Twitter Pack for more nonprofit sector folks to follow.

LinkedIn lets us share business connections. I also love LinkedIn Answers, a Q&A feature, which has a special section on nonprofits. You’ll find some great sharing going on there.

Facebook lets us share on a more personal level. Because of the personal nature of this profile, please remind me how we know each other when sending friend requests.

See you there!

Published On: February 21, 2008|Categories: Social Media|