For the last couple of weeks, I have shared tips and resources on nonprofit storytelling.

Catch up:

Why Stories Are Important for Nonprofits

Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Challenge Plot

Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Creativity Plot

Storytelling for Nonprofits: The Connection Plot

To wrap up this little series, I wanted to share a free resource we have to help you organize all of those great stories (and images) you are going to be collecting!

We’ve researched various tools, conducted interviews, and talked to the pros to bring you:

Storybanking and Photobanking: How to Organize Stories and Images at Your Nonprofit

This 18-page free download answers questions like:

  • Do you need a banking system for stories and images?
  • What can you use to create a solid system?
  • What is the cost?
  • How can you get other staff members to contribute to the system?

Published On: April 3, 2019|Categories: Storytelling, Writing Skills and Content|