FREE Webinar June 17th - Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Can Stop Doing

FREE Webinar June 17th - Nonprofit Marketers, Stop Doing These Stupid Things

Are you doing any of these things:

  • Compiling data you’ll never use
  • Updating the newest social network no one else is using
  • Focusing on including all your keywords instead of relevant content
  • Using industry jargon only you understand
  • Chasing after the next “big thing”
  • Letting your board dictate what content you publish
  • Talking at your supporters as if they were a passive audience
  • Believing you still fully control your message

Well, stop that.

No, really.

You need to stop. You’re making us all look bad.

Being stupid as a marketer can mean wasting too much time on the newest, latest, shiniest thing that doesn’t work for you. It can mean holding on to old ways of doings things that don’t work for you. Or it can mean lots of other things too, which we are going to talk about during my next FREE webinar, June 27th.

If you are doing any of the things listed (or just love hearing me go off), this webinar is for you!

Stupid Things Nonprofit Marketers Can Stop Doing will be one of the most straight-forward, no-nonsense webinars you’ll get from me. I love nonprofit marketers and communicators and it pains me to see you making stupid mistakes!

But I won’t just be ranting.

During this free webinar, I will help you sort through what’s worth experimenting with and what tactics you need to let go. I’ll also let you know what you should be doing to accomplish your goals instead of the stupid things so many of us waste time on.

We also want to hear your ideas on what should be on the “that’s stupid, so stop it” list!  Please share on this Facebook post or comment on this blog post below.

This is a free webinar, however, we are requesting a $10 voluntary donation, all of which will be donated by Nonprofit Marketing Guide to Crisis Ministries of Lexington, NC (we will cover all processing costs). That’s the local homeless shelter in the small town where I live, and where nearly 100 people sleep each night. They were infested with bed bugs and if they can’t raise the money to completely refurbish the place with new furniture, beds and mattresses that are not so bed-bug friendly, the facility will close, forcing a lot of people who really need the help on to the streets. This webinar will be worth the $10, so please pony up if you can. If you can’t, we understand, and welcome you to register for free. If you want to register for free, you can do so by filling out the “register without donating” web form in the registration process.

I hope you’ll join us!