questionmark.gifI need your help deciding the topics for this summer’s weekly webinar series at Nonprofit Marketing Please take this 3-minute survey where you’ll quickly rank your interest in several topics on a scale of 1-5.

I guarantee that the top five topics will be on the webinar schedule this summer.

Here are the top five topics as of this afternoon:

1) Nonprofit Storytelling: How to Write Your Nonprofit’s Best Stories

2) How to Increase Traffic to Your Nonprofit’s Website

3) Easy and Effective Ways to Build Your Email Newsletter List

4) Online Marketing Basics: From Email to Social Networking

5) Must-Have Features for Nonprofit Websites

Does that make sense to you? Take the survey now and let me know which topics you prefer. In addition to the online marketing topics that are favored now, you can also share your level of interest in webinars on media relations, writing, design, and marketing strategy.

I’m giving away five free webinar passes to those of you who take the survey. To enter the drawing, simply complete the survey and leave your contact info at the end. If you win, you can use the pass for any webinar on the schedule through the end of summer.

Thanks for your help!

Published On: March 19, 2008|Categories: General|