Tara Collins

Tara Collins

Our 200+ Nonprofit Marketing Guide All-Access Pass Holders, along with all of you reading this blog, represent the great diversity in the world of nonprofit communications. To help you see that you aren’t alone in your challenges and that you really are part of a wonderful community of passionate, creative professionals, we are introducing you to one of our All-Access Pass Holders including what they are working on right now.

Meet All-Access Pass Holder Tara Collins of Watershed Agriculture Council 

What does the Watershed Agriculture Council do?

We’re celebrating our 20th year protecting the NYC watershed region and the drinking water quality of a reservoir system that serves over nine million New Yorkers. As a NYS land trust, the Council also holds conservation easements on over 23,000 acres of farmland, all with the voluntary support of over 1,000 private landowners.

What is your job, Tara?

As Communications Director, I do a little bit of everything: from the annual report, a monthly magazine column “Fresh From the Catskills” and our websites to a biweekly radio show “Watershed Wake-up Call”, blogging, social media and events. There are never enough hours in the day, and I could always use more time for strategy, planning and analysis.

What’s one thing you are working on right now with your communications?

We’re working with a third-party marketing firm, Burnett Group, to conduct a brand reconciliation of our buy local campaign and various organizational programs. As part of that 12-week process, we’re developing a formal messaging platform to get everyone to sing off the same sheet music and 12-month strategy that includes a content calendar and posting schedule.

How are you applying what you are learning with your All-Access Pass to your work for the watershed?

I’ve been a Pass Holder for six years, and this professional development outlet gives me resources, training and knowledge in one, easily accessible place. As a result of following webinars, reading archive materials and checking in with the Facebook group, I’ve gained confidence in making high-impact recommendations, like hiring a third-party marketing firm to formalize strategy. The All-Access Pass provides me with knowledge of what can go into a communications plan and how to do it, but more importantly, the Pass experience gives me a marketing perspective on what prioritize for my organization’s success, even with limited staff capacity. I’ll renew my Pass long after I leave my current organization because I need to keep up with ever-changing technology, and the information I get here, I can use everywhere.

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