The 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report is officially available! Thanks to the 780 nonprofits who completed the survey last month, making this report possible. It answers many questions that a lot of us simply speculated about before. Here’s one of the charts from the report, which shows how nonprofits ranked 14 different communications tools.

Relative Importance of Communications Tools to Nonprofits

If you add the “very important” and “somewhat important” rankings together, you see a somewhat different picture, with Facebook becoming more dominant.

Very Important and Somewhat Important Tools Combined

I hope you’ll download the report and dig into it, but here are several of my favorite stats from it, in tweet-sized bites.

  • 75% of nonprofits say they’ll email supporters at least monthly.
  • Facebook comes after only websites and email as important communications tools for nonprofits.
  • Facebook beats Twitter, 79% to 34% as important to nonprofit marketers.
  • Quarterly is the most popular frequency for nonprofits to send direct mail to the average supporter.
  • What excites nonprofit communicators: new ways to connect w/ supporters, social media & better comm integration.
  • What scares nonprofit communicators: money woes, hard-to-implement comm strategies & lack of staff time.

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