The new Money for Good II Study by Hope Consulting and GuideStar has a few interesting findings about the kind of information that donors want to hear from nonprofits.

While you are probably used to lots of scrutiny from your foundation grantmakers, only a third of individual donors research organizations before giving. People who advise donors on giving, and those foundation funders, research almost every donation they make.

When organizational funders and individuals do look for information about your nonprofit before giving, here’s what they want to see:

  • Your financial information (how you get your money and how you spend it)
  • Your impact (what difference are you making)
  • Your legitimacy (your status, reputation and credibility)
  • Your mission (what you are trying to accomplish)

What Donors Want

Your annual report is one communications piece to help you meet the information needs of your donors — current and potential. I’ll discuss this New and Improved Nonprofit Annual Report during our webinar on Wednesday.

Published On: December 12, 2011|Categories: Fundraising|