“It’s hard to move beyond the great training you provide . . .  what I really need now is help applying it.”

We’ve been hosting the Nonprofit Marketing Guide Weekly Webinar Series for almost four years now. We’ll keep it up in 2012, because the feedback we’ve received is so positive.

But I’ve heard from enough of you that I’m convinced that the training we provide isn’t enough. While the webinars, e-clinics, and e-books are  great, you are left to figure out how to apply what you’ve learned on your own.

I also hear comments like these:

“It’s not enough to know the best practices. I need someone to show me how to implement them and how to deal with specific problems within my organization.

“I understand a lot of what you are saying, but I don’t know how to prioritize my workload.”

“After I get training, I always think, Is this right for us? Should we do this? What’s most important?”

Figuring out how to take a best practice and make it work in your unique situation can be difficult. You could hire a consultant, but that has its own set of complications.

What many of you really need is to learn how to make strategic decisions, and to build marketing into the core of your nonprofit’s operations. You have to build your skills as a nonprofit marketing professional.

But that’s so hard to do as a one-person communications department, isn’t it?

Nonprofit Marketing Mentoring ProgramThat’s why I am launching a new six-month Nonprofit Marketing Guide Mentoring Program starting in January 2012. I’ll work with up to 10 nonprofit communicators, focusing on the six core topics that I believe are essential for smart, savvy nonprofit marketing today:

1. Defining and Understanding Your Audiences

2. Refining Your Messaging and Calls to Action

3. Mapping Out Your Content Strategy

4. Finding the Right Personality for Your Communications

5. Using Online Marketing Tools Effectively

6. Building Your Marketing Team

Because there are only ten spots, and because I’ll be investing so much time into this program, I’m handling the registration process a little differently. You’ll need to complete a short application so I can ensure your participation in this program is a good fit for both of us. If you are a nonprofit communications department of one, I hope you’ll check out the program and consider applying ASAP. Once these ten spots are filled, that’s it for January – June 2012.

See if the New Mentoring Program is Right for You!



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