“I’m just too busy!” you scream to yourself.

But all nonprofit communicators have a lot of their plates, so why do some thrive while others merely survive?

Find out during our brand new budget-friendly webinar:

Be CALM not BUSY: The Secrets Behind
Smart and Successful Nonprofit Marketing

Presented by Kivi Leroux Miller

Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT)

Registration is only $20, but seats are limited.

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CALMNotBUSYThose smart nonprofit communicators who get things done have embraced a better way of working.

They have learned how to get CALM:

C is for Collaborative.  Build listening into your ongoing routine. Help others in your organization see the big picture and how their parts fit into it. Create a clear process for working together that is easy and efficient.

A is for Agile. Expect the unexpected. Have clear lines of authority, delegation, and communication internally. Create content that is agile too.

L is for Logical. Integrate marketing and communications goals with programmatic and fundraising goals. Ground everything in a Quick & Dirty Marketing Plan. Follow best practices and experiment.

M is for Methodical.  Use an editorial calendar.  Set up systems and embrace tools that others can use and follow, with or without you. Find a personal productivity system that works for you.

During this 60-minute budget-friendly webinar, Kivi will show you how to get CALM.  She’ll talk about practices that all nonprofit communicators should embrace as essentials, and the tools to make these marketing processes work better, like:

  • Collaborative editorial planning
  • Agile content curation and repurposing
  • Logical marketing strategies and limited priorities
  • Methodical approaches to common time-sinks like your email inbox and social media

What about you?

Maybe you are BUSY, but that doesn’t mean what you think it means. BUSY means you are holding on to ineffective work habits. It means:

B is for Bogus. It’s bogus to think that all of that busy activity equals accomplishment. It doesn’t. Just because you are running all the time, reading every tweet and attending every meeting, doesn’t mean you are getting anywhere or getting anything done. Set real goals and work toward those, tracking your progress toward them, not just your general busyness.

U is for Unrealistic. We think we can get more done in less time and with fewer resources than we really can. In the nonprofit sector, this too often morphs from asking people to be resourceful to expecting miracles. Then people fall short, and we blame them personally.

S is for Sidestepping. We — and the people we work for — avoid making the hard choices about priorities, constantly sidestepping those conversations and decisions. We want to do it all, but that’s not possible, nor is it strategic. Real leaders choose.

Y is for Yoked.  We are yoked, or chained, to things and habits that actually make it harder to get good work done. They constantly pull us in the wrong direction by distracting us. Chief among these are always-on devices and always pinging email and social notifications. But bad habits like meetings that, by default, always last a full hour also yoke us.  Bad assumptions about ourselves and others yoke us too.

Which would you rather be?

BUSY: Bogus, Unrealistic, Sidestepping, and Yoked?


CALM: Collaborative, Agile, Logical, and Methodical?

Join us next Wednesday, August 10th at 1:00 p.m. ET (10:00 a.m. PT) and get CALM. Registration is only $20, but seats are limited.

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