I just completed revising “The Nonprofit Marketing Guide” and the new edition will be out in Spring 2021. I made several updates to word choices and language — the book is 10 years old and our language has certainly evolved!

I thought you might find it interesting what I changed, so I made a list.

Web 2.0. I took out all the references to Web 2.0, which is the term we used 10 years ago to describe a more social internet, instead of just websites.

Social Networking Sites. I changed most of that to social media.

Plain English. I changed that to plain language to be more inclusive.

Crazy. I removed the use of this word when describing situations and people (mostly situations) and replaced it with better adjectives on a case by case basis.

Audience. I really don’t like that term, although “target audience” is still very much used. I changed most instances to the community or target group.

Seniors. I changed that to older people.

RSS. RSS is still a thing, but people don’t talk about it the same way, especially since most people use apps now to find content instead of a dedicated RSS reader.

I’d love to hear examples of how the language and word choices in your writing have changed.

Published On: September 17, 2020|Categories: Writing Skills and Content|