Baking Cake by frugalupstate on FlickrDo you have the time you need to think at work? To really think?

If you are going to reach creative, innovative solutions to your marketing challenges, or just come up with a great new idea to attract more support or participation, you need time to think.

Getting this time is what turns a hard-working nonprofit communicator into a strategic, savvy nonprofit communicator.

Think of it this way (and, yes, that means yet another metaphor is coming!):

You have all of the right ingredients to make a cake — you know your community, your calls to action are clear, you follow best practices for communicating through various channels. You mix them all up, and stir, and stir, and stir. There’s lots of action, and that cake batter is pretty tasty.

But it could be so much more, and so much better, if you would just put that cake batter in the oven and let it bake.

Your ideas, your experiences, and your perceptions all need time to bake in your head.  It’s why I love baking — you put the pan in the oven with wet batter, walk away, and when you return, you have something completely new and different and so much better and delicious.

By giving yourself time to think, you’ll be more creative, see connections that weren’t there before, and understand more clearly how you can contribute to your community.

Replace some of your busy work and boring meetings with free time to think!