Thank You LettersIt happened again this week. I received a very business-like form letter, really just slightly better than a receipt, in response to a recent charitable donation. What I should have received instead is a warm, welcoming thank you letter.

This is an old soapbox of mine, but it’s time to get back up on it.

Sending out really good thank you letters is an incredibly savvy marketing strategy, simply because so many other nonprofits are doing it so badly.  It’s an easy way to stand out. A very easy way.

Here are some tips on doing thank yous right:

Nonprofit Thank You Letter Dos and Don’ts

Nonprofit Thank You Letters – 3 I Love

Saying Thanks Even When It’s Inconvenient or Time-Consuming

10 Donations. 3 Thank-Yous. 7 Failures to Communicate.

I also teach a webinar on the topic, Writing Thank You Notes That Inspire Future Gifts, for CharityHowTo.


Published On: June 29, 2011|Categories: Fundraising|