Sure there are times when a business will write your nonprofit a check as a charitable donation without much effort on your part. But that doesn’t happen nearly as often as these other two scenarios:

1. The business sponsors an event or otherwise actively participates in a program you are hosting, or

2. You develop a cause marketing partnership where, for example, they donate a percentage of sales or accept donations on your behalf (like in those coin jars at the register).

Both of these take some work to pull off well, and I’m happy to share these upcoming webinars to give you a big head start in the right direction!

Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses

On Thursday, August 18, Joe Waters who is the man on cause marketing will be joining us to present Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses. Joe is the author of the just-released Cause Marketing for Dummies book which you can get at a discount when you register for the webinar.

If you are wondering how to get a restaurant to donate 10% of its daily proceeds, or how to get a retailer to sell those paper “miracle balloons” you write your name on for Children’s Miracle Network, or how to get a big employer in town to donate a dollar for every Facebook Like you get, this is your webinar. Joe will explain all of these cause marketing techniques and more.

When you register for the webinar, you’ll also get first dibs on the limited seating in the e-clinic Joe will do with us in September where he’ll personally coach you through designing a partnership you can pitch to a real business in your community.

Register Now for “Setting up Marketing and Fundraising Partnerships with Local Businesses”  — includes the recording if you can’t make it live.

Wildly Successful Events: How To Get Sponsorships

If you are more interested in event sponsorships, then let me point you to one of our training partners, CharityHowTo, which is presenting Wildly Successful Events: How To Get Sponsorships on Thursday, September 1, 2011.

During this webinar, Mazarine Treyz will show you how to make your plan, identify potential sponsors, create sponsorship levels, write your letter, and do impeccable followup to raise more money than you’ve thought possible for your event.

Register Now for “Wildly Successful Events: How To Get Sponsorships” — you must attend CharityHowTo webinars live.


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