Use the Trends Report to Fight the Stupid


We’ve been producing the Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for five years for lots of different reasons.

You ask us questions all the time, especially about things like communications frequency and whether you really have to “do” a certain communications channel. We wanted data for you, to supplement our own so-called “expert” opinions.

I wanted answers to my own questions too, especially ones that come up in my consulting and coaching practices, like the extent to which nonprofit communications directors are responsible for fundraising and what other goals really drive communications decisions in nonprofits.

But let’s face it.

Another reason to produce data that no one else is producing is to beat back the stupid.  Yeah, that’s right. Like “print is dead” and “social media is for kids” and “one or two newsletters a year is plenty.” (In 2013, we actually did a webinar about all the stupid things you could stop doing. You can still listen to it, if you want.)

So if you need real data about what’s normal in nonprofit communications, you got it. Download the 2015 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. I suggest putting the PDF on your phone so you can whip it out in meetings whenever you need it.



Published On: January 14, 2015|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|