Private Consulting with Kivi Leroux Miller

Kivi accepts a limited number of consulting projects each year, primarily around communications audits, content strategy, and overall marketing strategy development (i.e. figuring out the "why, what and how" of your marketing strategy, rather than actually doing the implementation for you). She most often provides a mix of consulting, training, and coaching (e.g. creating a strategy and training your staff so they understand how to implement it, and coaching them through the implementation process).

The minimum fee is $5,000, which can be set up as project fee or as a monthly retainer. If you'd like to discuss a project or coaching relationship, please feel free to contact Kivi directly.

Group Coaching Programs with Kivi Leroux Miller

The Mentoring Program for Communications Directors


Nonprofit Marketing Accelerators

Scheduling Your Work Editorial Calendars and Donor Communications PlansUpdating Your Community E-Newsletters Social MediaMarketing Your Expertise Thought Leadership

"Get Nonprofit Clients" Coaching Program for Freelancers and Consultants

Get Nonprofit Clients