Presented by Antionette Kerr and Erik Jacobson

Thursday, April 22, 2021

1:00 – 2:00 pm ET (10:00 – 11:00 am PT)

Learn how your own podcast can increase engagement and spread your organization’s message.

Registration for this webinar is only $20.

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Podcasts are getting more and more listeners from all walks of life and can be a wonderful communications tools for nonprofits.

Nonprofits can use podcasts to:

  • Present thought leaders within your organization
  • Share key messages from your staff
  • Provide public service announcements
  • Do a deeper dive on data
  • Challenge myths and stereotypes about the community you serve
  • Share the voices and stories of those you serve

During this budget-friendly webinar, media relations expert Antionette Kerr and guest Erik Jacobson Founder & CEO of Be My Guest will share advice on the basics of how to start and host a nonprofit podcast.

Erik calls this “the best time” to stake your nonprofit’s claim in the podcast universe.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Tech tips for getting started in a cost-effective way

  • Interview strategies

  • How to book guests

  • How to prepare other staff members for interviews

  • Tools for repurposing educational and informational content

If you haven’t considered starting a podcast, this webinar will also help you decided if podcasting is right for your nonprofit.

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What Others Have Said About This Webinar

Excellent resource for anyone considering starting a podcast or determined to do it and wants an all-in-one set of recommendations for starting up. Covered everything a rookie wants to know from content to tech. All delivered in a really friendly, accessible manner with some good little stories, too.” ~ Claire Wagner

Easy tips. Gotta listen to it!” ~ MEC

I really appreciated the practical advice of how to start up a podcast. We are very novice when it comes to podcasting and have only been toying with the idea of starting one, so the solid, practical ‘how-to’ is really what we needed!” ~ George Welder

I liked the nice rapport between Antoinette & Erik and the wealth of easy-to-understand information! I would say, if you are thinking about starting a podcast for your group or organization, this is a good place to begin!” ~ BM

If you have ever considered doing a podcast but don’t know how, this is the podcast for you. My favorite part was the data given that helps me justify creating podcasts that I can present to my employer. Also the info on what technology to use and how to use it.” ~ Cindy Sawyer

Really great content shared by Eric. As someone who’s already started a podcast, but looking for growth, I enjoyed the tips such as posting to Facebook LIVE and YOUTUBE. Regenerating – repackaging content. etc. Tips like that were helpful. I also enjoyed the tech advice on mics for field recording.” ~ JL

A must-watch before starting a podcast! The webinar had a good flow, good guidance on identifying purpose, and great tech resources.” ~ RG

A real How-To to getting started producing podcasts and incorporating them into your non profit marketing plan. The information supported our beliefs about the effectiveness of podcasts.” ~ ERB

Informative, helpful, and great for the beginner podcaster” ~ JC

“Great basic tutorial on how to get started. The tech tips were especially useful, as was advice not to over-think it!” ~ MT

Really great information! It was a helpful overview of what it takes to be comfortable starting a podcast. There is SO much information on the internet about this topic so it was really helpful to have it distilled to one discussion.” ~ MB

This was a very useful webinar, especially if you are newer to podcasting. Lots of great tips and advice.” ~ BM

The webinar was very informative. A wealth of information in a short amount of time. If you have any interest in marketing your nonprofit using a more personal method, you really need to consider podcasting. This webinar has great info to get you started!” ~ AJ

Well done! The entire webinar was good.” ~ GS

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Meet Antionette Kerr

Antionette Kerr is founder and CEO of Bold & Bright Media. She began covering nonprofits for publications more than 20 years ago. She has also been an executive director at two nonprofits and provides training for Nonprofit Marketing Guide, The National Council of Nonprofits, The Association of Fundraising Professionals, and The Nonprofit Academy. She used her knowledge as a former nonprofit executive and interviewed dozens of journalists and nonprofit leaders to co-author Modern Media Relations for Nonprofits, the first practical guide aimed at helping nonprofits get better coverage in today’s media world.

Meet Eric Jacobson

Erik Jacobson is the Co-Founder and CEO of Lemonpie, a podcast PR and production agency that helps brands like HubSpot, Freshbooks, and Four Sigmatic grow through podcasting. He built Lemonpie (formerly Be My Guest) after working for top podcasters like Tim Ferriss, and seeing the results many guests were able to achieve through strategic “Podcast Tours.” Podcast listeners are the most engaged of any audience online, and now is the best time to start.