We want to add a new member to the Nonprofit Marketing Guide crew. Please share this with your freelance graphic designer friends!

Nonprofit Marketing Guide LLC is seeking a graphic designer for a variety of projects, including

  • Graphics for email promotions, landing pages, and online advertising
  • Iconography for sections of our website and various training frameworks
  • Graphics and themes for PowerPoint decks
  • Design and layout of e-books

Our preferences are to work with a designer who is . . .

  • A solo entrepreneur or very small team with several years of experience.
  • A full-time professional. We will consider a part-time designer as long as you are regularly available to work with us during Central/Eastern Time business hours. We anticipate a good number of conversations, especially early on, until you get a sense for what we are after. We don’t want to have to wait days and weeks at a time to talk to you.
  • Able to take limited creative direction and run with it, creating multiple looks for us to choose from. We know how to use Photoshop. If we knew exactly what we wanted, we wouldn’t need you – we would make it ourselves. We are hiring for your creativity as much as for your software skills!
  • Collaborative by nature and responsive to feedback without taking it personally.
  • Capable of helping us create a more dynamic, original, and professional look for Nonprofit Marketing Guide over time.

We prefer to structure the contract as a retainer agreement for $1,000 per month for three months, with an option to adjust and renew quarterly.

To respond to this request for proposals, email both kivi@nonprofitmarketingguide.com and kris@nonprofitmarketingguide.com no later than Friday, February 1 the following:

  • Give us a sense for how much work you could produce for $1,000 per month. We know “it depends,” but outline a few possible scenarios based on what we have described above.
  • Show us the diversity of your work.
  • Describe a successful relationship with a past or current client. What did you both do well to make the relationship work?
  • Describe a less-than-successful relationship with a past client. What went wrong?

After February 1st, we will begin contacting designers for further information and will request references at that time.

Questions? Email Kivi at the address above.

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