What should you name your e-newsletter?

That’s the question that the MetroWest Health Foundation asked today on Twitter.

what to name your e-newsletter


Turns out that the current name of the e-newsletter is  . . .  “E-Newsletter.”   Here’s what it looks like.

I do have a ton of nonprofit e-newsletters in my inbox called “E-Newsletter” so it’s not like that’s a horrible thing. But the fact that everyone does it also argues for being a bit more original. Plus I’m just not a fan of being so literal about everything we do. (Side note: Read Katya’s post today on why you should not call your annual appeal letter your “annual appeal letter” in the actual annual appeal letter copy! I agree wholeheartedly.)

I don’t know what MetroWest Health Foundation should call its newsletter, but here is how I would work through the decision.

First: Where’s the Value to Readers?

Why do people want to get the newsletter in the first place? What do they get out of it?  Newsletter names like “Healthy Hearts” or “Faces of Hope” would fit this description. You can also put the category of reader in the name, like “The Memo for Busy Moms.” Conveying that value or that sense of membership in the name reinforces the decision to read it.

Second:  What’s Special about the Content?

What stands out about the content? Is is truly timely,  a la “News Flash,” or is it full of advice and resources a la “News You Can Use”? Or is there a play on words related to what you do? For example, animal shelters often use “Tales” in their titles as a play on cat and dog tails.

Third: Fill in the Blank

If you are still struggling, trying filling in the blanks as a brainstorming exercise:

Your ________ Update

The ____ Post

________ Weekly (or Monthly)

________ Insider (or Inside ______)

______ Tips (or Tips for _________)

_______ Buzz

_______ Times

Other synonyms to play with are Bulletin, Brief, Dispatch, Note, Report, and Digest. Add some adjectives.

Here are some other e-newsletter titles that I discovered in my inbox:

National Parks Conservation Association: Park Lines

Grist: Daily Grist

North Carolina Zoo: Zmail Update

The Land Trust for Tennessee: Today’s On the Ground Update

National Wildlife Foundation: Kids Connection

NC Wildlife Federation: Wildlife Wire

Center for EcoTechnology: EcoBytes

What’s your e-newsletter called? Do you have any suggestions for the MetroWest Health Foundation?

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