Kivi and I are knee-deep in data getting ready to publish the 2023 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report. One of the questions we asked in the trends survey was what social network helped you achieve your objectives in 2022.

With as much grief as we give Facebook, it appears that over half of nonprofit communicators think it is the best network to help you achieve your objectives.

When asked why, they mention audience as the biggest reason it meets their needs:

“Most of our audience is there and it’s simpler to engage.”

“It’s a platform best suited to the demographic we’re trying to reach.

“This is where we have the strongest following by far.”

However, when we asked participants to look ahead to 2023, more than a third said Instagram will be more helpful followed by LinkedIn (25%). Facebook drops to 19%. They also think TikTok (9%) will be more helpful than Twitter (2%) and YouTube (7%).

Do you agree with these findings?

We’ll release the rest of the report this week so stay tuned for more nonprofit communications trends!

Published On: January 17, 2023|Categories: Social Media|