A few months ago, I shared some tips on how to establish boundaries with your co-workers.

Well apparently a lot of you need those tips if CloudApp’s State of Productivity is correct.

According to their infographic, other co-workers and social media are the biggest distractions at work.

So let’s review those quick tips from Robin Madell at U.S. News and World Report on how to balance your relationships with your co-workers while still getting work done:

  • Set up visual cues like notes saying you are busy working or wearing headphones to circumvent chatter.
  • Move to spaces set aside for focusing like meeting rooms.
  • Communicate your deadlines with others and encourage them to share theirs as well.
  • Maximize “quiet hours” for work to be able to participate later.
  • Carve out set times to turn off work and engage with others like coffee or lunch breaks.
  • Attend the office happy hour to better nurture your office relationships.

See full article by Robin Madell.

I would also pause any internal messaging apps your office might use during times when you really need to hunker down and work.

Do chatty co-workers and social media waste your time at work or does something else distract you more? Share in the comments!

Published On: January 13, 2020|Categories: Communications Team Management, Relationships, and Boundaries|