We’ve opened up our second annual survey on nonprofit communications trends (please take it now!) and about 250 nonprofits have participated so far. Here is an early peek at what nonprofit communicators say is exciting about 2012:

New Websites

Many nonprofits have realized that old brochure-style websites don’t work anymore and have invested in making their websites more user-focused and interactive. One participant was excited about “finishing and launching our new website which will provide us with a better way to highlight our aid work and generate more interest in and donations for our projects.” Another was excited about “having a new website to help integrate all of our online marketing.”

Real Plans in Place for the First Time

Communicators are thrilled that their organizations are finally taking marketing and communications seriously and are developing marketing plans, as well as fully incorporating marketing into their strategic plans. One nonprofit communicator said she was excited about “boldly going where no one has gone before . . . we have never developed a marketing plan, ever. Until now!” Another said, we are “finally evolving our communications strategy and having a real plan!”

Integrating Communications Channels to Increase Effectiveness

Nonprofits are learning how much more effective their marketing and fundraising can be when messages are shared in an integrated way across multiple communications channels. One participant put it this way:  “We are launching a multi-channel marketing strategy. It’s the first for our 46-year old nonprofit.” Another was excited to be “moving from ‘old school’ communications (phone, print) to a primarily technology-based communications strategy (email, social media, website).”

Using Social Media to Reach New Supporters

Nonprofits continue to explore ways to use social media to reach beyond their usual groups of supporters. Participants expressed excitement about “moving into mobile, SMS, and integrating it with social media” and with “launching an online social community that ties into our database,” for example.

I’ll share the sneak peek on what nonprofits think is scary next week.

About 800 nonprofit participated in the creation of the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report last year, and I’d love hear from over 1,000 this year. Will you add your voice? It only takes a few minutes, and then, if you want, you’ll be added to the list to get an advance copy of the full 2012 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report in December.

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