I’ve closed the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Survey . . . thanks to the 785 people who participated!

We are analyzing all the data and preparing the report this week. It’s full of really interesting information about the nonprofit sector’s communications plans for 2011, as well as what excites and scares nonprofit marketing professionals about the new year. The full report, which will also include tips on how to respond to the trends I see, will be pre-released on Monday to everyone who requested an advance copy, and released to the public on Tuesday.

To get a big-picture sense of how nonprofits are feeling about 2011, I created two word clouds with the answers to the questions “What Excites You About Your Work in 2011?” and “What Scares You About Your Work in 2011?”

What Excites You about Your Work in 2011

Word cloud - What Scares You about Your Work in 2011

I think it’s clear that nonprofits are very excited about the new ways they can communicate with their supporters, especially online. But those new tools are also scary, particularly for nonprofit staff who don’t feel like they have enough time or funding to use the tools well.

Stay tuned for more from the 2011 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report next week!

P.S. If you want to blog about the report next week or later, you can visit the report home page and the graphics page. You won’t find much there now, but those pages will be updated on Tuesday.

Published On: January 3, 2011|Categories: Nonprofit Marketing Trends|