16-ntc-finalHello from the clear skies 30,000 feet somewhere above Mississippi! I’m on my way to San Jose, CA today for the Nonprofit Technology Conference.  It’s my favorite national conference for nonprofit communicators.

Even if you can’t attend in person, you can still gain a ton from this conference. Each session includes “collaborative notes” which are Google Docs where attendees add insights from the sessions and panelists include links to their presentations. They are FULL of great stuff.

To find the collaborative notes for any session, just go the session description page in the agenda.  You’ll find a link to the notes in the right-hand sidebar.

Here are a few sessions I’m involved with . . .

How Nonprofit Staff Can Regain Control of Their Work Lives and Get Better Results

Wednesday, 10:30 am PT (first set of concurrent sessions)

This is the session that several members of the Nonprofit Marketing Guide community have been helping with for the last several weeks, experimenting with ways to get #CALMnotBUSY.  I’m moderating, and Sue Clement, Tara Collins, Danielle Kempe, and Maggie Siemer are speaking.

Nonprofit Marketing Guide Birds of a Feather Lunch Table

At lunch on Thursday, we’re organizing a Birds of a Feather Lunch Table for friends of Nonprofit Marketing Guide. Come eat with us.

Content Calendars and You! Creating Communications Harmony.

During the sessions right after lunch on Thursday at 1:30 PT, I’ll be presenting with Laura Norvig and James Porter on the pleasure and the pain of implementing an editorial calendar at your nonprofit.

Toni Martignetti will be doing lots of interviews for his Nonprofit Radio show including one with those of us on the Content Calendars session.

Building Storytelling into Your Editorial Calendar (Hatch for Good Series)

On Friday morning at 10:00 am PT, I’m doing an informal session on building storytelling into your editorial calendar for the Rockefeller Foundation’s Hatch for Good storytelling program  You can RSVP here.

I will also be at the Speaker Reception tonight, the Hatch for Good Happy Hour Wednesday night, and of course, the Progressive Parties Thursday night.

If you see me, please say Hi! I’m hard to miss in a crowd these days with my bright white hair. 🙂


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