Social Media Doodles ElementsI recently shared some advice in a Chronicle of Philanthropy article on Tools to Schedule and Plan Your Social Media Outreach.

Using Facebook and Twitter alone, without an additional management tool, isn’t the smartest approach to your social media. Sure, you can do it that way, directly using only the apps or the .com sites, but you’ll be much more effective if you use other software with them.

I’m talking about names you’ve heard of, like



Post Planner

Action Sprout 

to name just a few that are popular with nonprofits.

Here’s why using one or more of these tools makes so much sense.

1) You can be more strategic. They help you plan and schedule your content more easily. It’s also a breeze to reschedule/re-post your own content, so you can make sure you are sharing your message at the right frequency.

2) You can be more productive.  Because these tools help you schedule and repurpose content so easily, you can do the work in batches, which is a great productivity boost. In other words, instead of writing an update or tweet about your fundraising event every day for two weeks, you can write them all at once, schedule them, and repurpose/recycle them throughout the schedule, all in one sitting.

3) You can find better content to share. Many of these tools help you curate content from others too. Some of them will tell you about popular content posted by others in your field so that you can share it yourself, or be inspired by it.

Which social media management tools are your favorites? Share in the comments!

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Published On: March 23, 2016|Categories: Communications Channel Management, Social Media|