Would you like to guess what percentage of nonprofit communications teams will grow in 2024? Or how many grew in 2023? 

We are working on the 2024 Nonprofit Communications Trends Report for release later this month, which will explore this question further. But we have some early data to share with you now.

Communications Team Growth in 2023

According to our data, 36% of nonprofit communications teams added staff in 2023; 64% did not. 

So, which organizations were most likely to have staffed up their communications teams in 2023?

Teams with more than one person were likelier to add even more team members. Once you get two people, you see how much more you can do when fully staffed!

In fact, of those organizations that did grow their comms teams in 2023, 38% expected their teams to grow again in 2024!

Communications Team Growth in 2024

According to our data, 30% of nonprofit communications teams plan to add staff in 2024; 70% do not. 

Nonprofits with budgets in the $1.1-5 million range appear most poised for communications team growth, followed by those above $5 million.

We’ll release the full Nonprofit Communications Trends Report on January 24, 2024.

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