Does it feel like the whole world is out of the office this week?

And yet there you are – sitting at your desk, picking over the remnants of the holiday goodies that one volunteer brought in.

All that’s left is fruitcake though because, of course, it’s fruitcake.

But you don’t have to eat that fruitcake! And you don’t have to listen to your co-worker, Jill, go on and on about her upcoming trip to Aruba with her boyfriend or watch movie trailers for the 100th time.

No! You are better than that!

You can use this time to become a NONPROFIT COMMUNICATIONS MASTER!

While everyone else is on vacation, you will be there for your organization – reading, learning, making decisions, getting things done (the right way).

Come January 4th, you will WOW everyone from your ED to your Board of Directors with all your communications knowledge.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Go get some real food like cookies or chocolate. Fruitcake isn’t good enough for a Master!

Step 2: Get some headphones. Becoming a Master takes concentration and you don’t want Jill distracting you with her talks of white sandy beaches and fruity cocktails.

Step 3: Get your Annual All-Access Pass. You’ll even save $200. See? You are already doing more for your cause than Jill will.

Step 4: Go to your All-Access Pass Dashboard and let the training begin!

You’ll soon know all the best practices for social media, annual reports, thank you letters, direct mail, editorial planning, and so much more!

When your boss and colleagues get back to the office, they won’t know what hit them!

Knowledge,” you’ll say. “Knowledge is what hit you.

Then give Jill some side-eye and leave the room.


Right now, you can get your 2016 Annual All-Access Pass for only $499. That’s less than $10 a week.

Get My Pass

We hope you’ll join us!

P.S. Obviously if you are on vacation this week, it doesn’t lessen your contribution to your cause. You deserve a break! Unless you are that Jill 😉 We invite you to catch up on your awesome upon your return. But you might want to get that Annual Pass now while you are thinking about it. Prices go up in 2016.

P.P.S. If your name is Jill, we know you will find the humor in this. If not, well then, you are acting like that Jill!

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