Today is Festivus.

Let’s skip the “Feats of Strength” and Festivus dinner, and head straight to the “Airing of Grievances.”

Festivus Airing of Grievances

Here are a few grievances you have shared with us about your work as a nonprofit communicator. See if you can relate:

Department director is an idiot who got where she is because of the Peter Principle and will never leave because she would never get such a senior role anywhere else. She doesn’t understand communications or digital. She claims to be non-hierarchical but then will overrule smarter people based on her rank all the time.

My ED has categorized multiple things as “communications” that really aren’t:

“Can staff members share responsibility for reception?” She considers that communications since it requires talking with a constituent.

“Can [one of my coworkers] take responsibility for sending meeting notices for our bi-monthly collaborator meetings?” Getting that information out is communications.

“Is it possible for [one of my coworkers] to take on volunteer management?” She considers that communications – “keeping your ear to the ground to see what people are saying.”

I feel like I’m the ONLY person on the planet that respects, meets and recognizes deadlines!

Our “open door” policy is so relaxed that co-workers drop in, have a seat, and just start talking. Usually, it’s work-related, but it’s 20 minutes that I probably scheduled to use in a different way. I love to touch base, but one 20 minute visit a week x 10 colleagues (on an average week) = more than three hours of productivity lost!

Colleagues who deny any memory of actions steps determined in a meeting, followed up with meeting notes, and confirmed with email. Responses are “I have no memory of that” and “I can’t possibly be expected to remember all of these details.” Well, that’s why I sent you detailed notes and follow-up messages!

Air your grievances with us below and let’s commiserate with Nonprofit Communications Confidential:

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