Would You Like Monthly Writing Ideas?Do you struggle with what to write about in your newsletter or blog? Or what to put on your Facebook page? Or what to pitch to the media?

I’ve been considering offering some monthly suggestions to get nonprofit communicators thinking more creatively and strategically about the content they create. I hate the idea that you are suffering from writer’s block when I’m trying to convince you to be a media mogul!

We have the “Nonprofit Writer’s Idea Book” in the works, but that will be more evergreen and will include much more than topical suggestions. For this monthly service, I’m talking about something that’s more timely so it can include ideas related to recent headlines and pop culture.

If I sent out a free monthly email with at least 10 story ideas for the following month (e.g., I’d send you March writing prompts or story ideas at the beginning of February), would you subscribe? If yes, let me know by filling out this short form and when 100 people have subscribed, I’ll start publishing.

Until then, check out some of the writing prompts I’ve offered previously:

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You might also find these resources helpful . . .

Chase’s List of Special Months for 2011: Laundry list of all those “special” months. January is National Hot Tea Month and Oatmeal Month, for example.

2011 Editorial Calendar from Lightbox Collaborative: This was created specifically for nonprofits and has suggestions related to holidays and other seasonal dates like Daylight Savings.

Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics: Chris is offering 10 weekly blogging topics for $9.97 per month.

Want me to send you monthly writing prompts? Let me know!

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