Drop Your Pace

Someone recently told me that while they appreciate all the diverse professional development topics that we and others offer on nonprofit communications and marketing, the fact that there is so much of it and so many things to learn also contributes to her sense of imposter syndrome.

I get it!

There really is so much variation in this work, and things are changing constantly.  My wish, however, is that people find that diversity to be interesting and exciting, rather than overwhelming and burdensome. But if you work for people who don’t understand that you can’t do all the things, and you yourself have unrealistic expectations, you can get in trouble fast.

It’s just not possible to follow through on every good idea and every best practice. It’s certainly not possible to do all the things well, even if you give them a go.

You have to pick and choose and leave the rest for some other time (maybe never). 

One of the ways we encourage you to pick and choose is by starting with one of our three different training plans, which are broken down into beginner, intermediate, and advanced guides. To find yours, just go to our website and click on the Get Started or Take the Quiz buttons. Answer two questions and we’ll make a guess at which plan you should start with.  That will direct you to the free courses and materials that we think you should start with.

I’ll be talking about our training plans and other ways to level up your work over time during Thursday’s free webinar. And it does take time! We want to encourage your professional development in a meaningful, well-paced, and constructive way. We want you to learn your job, but to do so in a way that means you’ll love your work too!