Ask The QuestionI’m putting together a list of different kinds of fundraising asks or offers, as a prompt to get you thinking about new ways to talk to your donors about supporting your work. It’s part of a new training I’m putting together (more on that later).

Here’s my list so far. I’ve given each category a name, followed by a very brief description of the overall message to the donor.

What else would you add?

The Match

Give now and your gift will be doubled.


Your gift will help this one child/dog/tree, etc.

The Menu

Your $25 gift pays for this; your $50 gift pays for that.

Fighting Evil

Your gift means the good guys can continue to fight the bad guys.

The Single Story

Help this one (and you help others like him/her).

The Emergency

It’s happening right this minute, and we need your support right now.

Let’s Get Ready

Your gift ensures we can keep doing this work next month, next year.

The Sustainer

Your monthly gift means you’ll be there, day in and day out.

Buy It

Help us pay for this particular thing with a set price tag.


What other categories or types of asks or offers have worked in your fundraising?

Please share your ideas and examples in the comments.




Published On: September 2, 2014|Categories: Fundraising, Writing Skills and Content|